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COST:        From $219.95 to $399.95

BENEFIT:  Many times over cost in money generated, plus more benefits!

For Fund Raisers and Non-Profits:

Who doesn't like My mini Golf?  Hosting putting competitions doesn't mean you have to know how to play golf.  It can increase the participation to include many more people.

  • During the golf tournament,place the obstacles on the putting green to create a "fun factor" for the tournament.
  •  When the tournament is over, the fundraising opportunities only begin!  Organize a putting contest in the clubhouse or area where the reception is taking place.

While not in use during a golf tournament, other uses include:

  • Create an exclusive putting tournament during Game Night - or on its own!  Local companies sponsor a hole in exchange for advertising .  Then invite the community to participate!
  • Integrate My mini Golf into other fundraising opportunities including carnivals, relays and other creative activities.
  • Use as an ice breaker/team builder during corporate meetings.  Or as an ice-breaker during social events at your company.

For Golf Tournaments:

My mini Golf creates a perfect "fun factor" for your golf tournament!  Place the obstacles on the putting green as targetsl while your golfers warm-up their putting..  It really improves putting skills because of adjustment of slope and distance with each hole!

After the tournament, place some holes in the clubhouse during the reception and awards, and you'll see some really fun putting competition!   At $1-$5 or more per hole, you can generate more income for the cause.  When not in use during a tournament, just

  • share with your junior golf team for putting fun during junior golf clinics and classes.  
  • Use  for other social club activities including couples and women's outings, special events and open houses.
  • Rent out for wedding receptions, engagements,  graduations,  or birthday parties for kids of all ages.  

My mini Golf  in Golf Tournaments & Fundraising events