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Thank you for considering My mini Golf for your senior center and community!

Put a smile on the the seniors' faces when they see the My mini Golf waiting for them to play!

Everyone loves Putt-Putt Golf!  Golfers and non-golfers have fun playing side by side in social settings.  This is a new popular indoor or outdoor activity in senior communities - an interactive, fun game perfect in active senior communities, assisted living communities, Alzheimer's communities and senior centers.  It's wheelchair accessible and encourages hand-eye coordination as well as a social interactive environment.

In the senior community, you'll see laughter and fist-pumping as the seniors rotate through the holes.  It's so much fun to see those watching along the sidelines cheering those on who are  getting a "hole in one, " or giving words of support to those putting away.

My mini Golf can be played on a variety of surfaces - from short carpet to short grass to hardwood floors to linoleum tile.  On the faster surfaces one can place pieces of rope on either side of the hole to create channels to the hole, or to replace the golf balls with Almost Golf golfballs or softer, miniature golf balls offered as  or chew toys at the local pet store.  

My mini Golf can be casually played in the activity room as an optional activity for those seniors to choose to try a few holes, or set up as a nine-hole course..  My mini Golf is great for special events, or the set can be checked out when family visits.  Seniors can invite their friends to their home for a putting party .

 The numbered colored cones are valuable because they help to organize the holes and more fun color.  Once the players progress through the course, some will branch out to create different combinations of their own.  The colorful ponds and sand traps create a scoring system similar to a real golf game.

"You're never too old to play My mini Golf, even from a wheelchair! ...An activity that gets a lot of people involved. Let your inner child out!"  Activity Director of a Senior community, TX.   To see a fun article of how Highland Springs, TX residents set up and played their indoor golf tournament, click here.  You can have a golf tournament in your senior community or residence, too!

 Did we say Portable? ​  It  stores in carry bag in your closet to be set up in your activity room, hall or ?? in minutes.   ​With 13 obstacles to create multiple combinations and one rubber putter, the Pro Set is perfect. Then just add the number of additional kids'  rubber putters and adult brass putters that you need.

“My mini Golf is great because it is versatile and simple, so residents with a variety of abilities can enjoy it.   When they sit down to take a break, they really enjoy watching the others play!    Senior Activity Director, Santa Barbara, CA

It's a great game for senior centers - just at the right pace for seniors.    Perfect for activity rooms:  Take it out and put it away quckly and easily. My mini Golf encourages interaction with your friends - laughing, joking, challenging others!  Coach William Henderson, Vista, CA

​Sometimes we only pull out a few obstacles as a time filler.  We’re looking forward to using it out on our patio now that the weather’s better!  Alzheimer's Activity Director, Encinitas, CA

Fun, great game for a family party!  Senior Resident, La Costa Glen, Carlsbad, CA