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Some Testimonials about How People Play Golf Games with My mini Golf

Golf Pros

The kids absolutely loved it! ...We...challenged the kids to not only think and plan, but also develop a better feel as they maneuvered around the course.  Rob Ellis, PGA-Jekyll Island Golf Club

I use it with summer camps and junior lessons with the small kids, but older kids love it too. We find that the shapes and colors stimulate the juniors visually and emotionally.   Neil Thompson, PGA-Oxmoor Valley

My kids used to hate the putting lesson section before we started using My mini Golf. Now, they want to putt every week instead of hitting golf balls.   Lloyd McWilliams, PGA-Rockford Park District

Really keeps the kids interested and they actually enjoy the learning process. Keep up the great work Philip Campoli, PGA-Hinsdale Country Club

Last year we had the highest participation at our club for our [indoor] putting contest. My mini Golf is increasing participation in that event.  Bryan Armstrong, PGA-Mount Vernon Country Club

It’s great with kids, but even more with adults! With My mini Golf, I have to kick the seniors out of the club at the end of the day.  Michael Klabough, PGA

Our kids love it and it has made the “learn to putt” so much more enjoyable.  Jeff Chambers, PGA-Elmwood Golf & Country Club

I can’t believe how good it is and the enjoyment it produced. Not to mention the ability to help kids improve. Absolute huge hit!”  Chris Holmes, PGA

The pieces are easy to carry and set up quickly. They provided us with game opportunities to take the boring out of playing indoors. Thank you.  Randy Stanton, PGA-First Tee of Rapid City

With My mini Golf, they don’t realize they’re concentrating and practicing the skills that you teach them while they’re having fun. It helps with touch & feel.  Don Emerick, PGA-Rancho Carlsbad Golf Course

Working with kids, we try and provide fun and entertaining programming and the My mini Golf definitely accomplishes both!  Todd Smith, PGA-Pro Kids/First Tee San Diego

I’m so glad we use My mini Golf and think you’ll find great uses for it to help grow your business and the game of golf, too!  Nicole Weller, PGA

Schools, boys & Girls Clubs, YMCAs and Camps

Skills?  You can throw them out the window.  All kinds of kids can play My mini Golf - it can be played anywhere, any time!  Aaron Brown, Carlsbad Boys & Girls Club

I'll say that the golf set has been a great addition to our elective program. Last summer I offered a mini golf program 5 times and had a full turnout each time. The kids enjoy being able to create their own hole combinations   Matt Mishalow, Astrocamp

Camp ended last Friday.  We used the mini golf as an indoor activity on inclement weather days and the kids thoroughly enjoyed it!  ScottLantzman, Gesher Summer Camp

I purchased this Mimi golf set for our church youth group and the kids loved it! It is a very durable product that will stand up to all the abuse that kids will give it.  Worth every penny!  B.Wilson

Family Fun

We received this set as a gift. I honestly thought the kids would be bored by it relatively quickly, but they played with it constantly for quite a long time, setting it up in various different configurations. The material is high quality and has lasted in good shape despite being used and stored outdoors.  S. Coveney 

Our 5 year old son is in love with mini golf, so we bought this set as his big Christmas gift last year. Because it was winter, we let him play with it inside. The ball rolls very well on our thick wool rug. He loved setting up the holes and playing through them in order. The components are very sturdy and well made.   We've had the set for almost a year now and it is still in perfect condition.   Anon.

My three kids have had a blast with this set! It's very well made and has stood up to years of hard use.   Definitely worth the investment.  A. DelaFuente


It's a great game for senior centers - just at the right pace for seniors.    Perfect for activity rooms:  Take it out and put it away quckly and easily. My mini Golf encourages interaction with your friends - laughing, joking, challenging others!  “Coach” William Henderson 

"You're never too old to play My mini Golf, even from a wheelchair! ...An activity that gets a lot of people involved. Let your inner child out!" Activity Director of a Senior community, TX


I actually purchased this mini golf set for events through my work. We use it for different fairs where people want to give a couple bucks to charity and get to putt. It has worked well so far… Anon.

It's a really fun way to meet my co-workers who I don't see very often and get to know them.  Dylan, intern

My mini Golf is a great stress relief.  It's terrific to get away from the desk and refocus, to bring the energy level down a bit, refocus and get back to work.  Jeff Ryan, Manager

While we're at work and super busy, taking some time off gives us some fun interaction and build some team spirit.   It's good that we build some strengths and bonds together.  Koa Truman, IT Manager  


When looking for a portable, lightweight and fun obstacle set for our mini golf business, My Mini Golf was by far the best option in the market.  Because of the durability and easy maintenance, it was well worth the investment.  Ty Salvant, owner of ParTee Party Rentals