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My mini Golf - Great Charity Gifts for Raising Money


As a new Preferred Vendor member of GTAA we wanted to pass along to you a great way to sell My mini Golf sets to your charity customers. They are all looking for ways to make more money for their charities and are searching for ideas that can get these added funds.

                     to view and print our comprehensive idea list  to show your charity customers the many ways that a set of My mini Golf  can get them a continuing stream of income far exceeding the purchase cost. Golf clubs are doing this very successfully with management companies like Billy Casper Golf suggesting to all of their clubs to add My mini Golf to their activity centers for the added income that they bring in.
We will be more than pleased to help your charity customers  set up the My Mini Golf sets in a fun way. And please don't forget the Golf Clubs themselves. They are anxious to make added income too, and they don't need a tournament to buy a set for inside of the clubhouse to use in their activity center, for all types of money making events-such as at Happy Hour time!

We hope to hear from you soon! 

Hugh Penton

Starting Time, President
603 Seagagaze Drive #450
Oceanside, California  92054