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Outdoor fun anywhere!

So much fun for Family Activities at Home . . .
My mini Golf portable putt putt games are engaging activities as a family game, or kids can play on their own. Include the grandparents and/or extended family in Starting Time's putting game, and you'll REALLY have fun! 

Did we say durable?

Fun for the entire family

Perfect for putting greens & short grass!

Ask us about putting carpet & borders

  Thank you for considering My mini Golf to play with your family.  

EVERYONE plays My mini Golf!  

For kids of all ages!

- Great extended family activity!

- Can be very competitive or just fun!

- DURABLE - made in Germany - will last for years

- Teach your kids how to putt and the important short game of golf 

- Portable - store in closet or garage when not in use

- Play on any smooth surface: grass, carpet, hardwood floors

- Families work together to create new courses every time - or kids can challenge the parents! ​​​

"It's so much fun challenging grandkids during a game of mini-golf in our home!"  Gigi B, Laguna Beach

A great game enjoyed indoors or outdoors by the ENTIRE FAMILY—boys, girls, parents, grandparents.

​My mini Golf can be played as a structured family putting game to specific holes, OR the participants can  mix and match obstacles to create a different course every time.  It's not just a kid's game, and you don't have to be a golfer!  Create a course for adult birthday or putting parties during tournaments.  See how much fun seniors have when they play My mini Golf!  

Fun golf games can be played indoors or out on a most surfaces including grass carpet, hardwood floors and asphalt, making it a year round activity.  Click here for tips on play and 25 ideas for games!

It's constructed of durable ABS plastic and is made in Germany, so you KNOW this  product is well-made!  It's won numerous awards in Europe.

The Junior Set, half sets, and Pro set each have one kid's rubber putter. The Team Set has ten putters. If you and family already have putters, then the Club Set is for you - nine holes and no putters. Additional kid's putters and adult brass putters can be purchased here, too.

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