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About My mini Golf

Bring FUN into Golf and mini golf with My mini Golf!!

My mini Golf was developed as a learning tool putting game for young people to enjoy. It has been proven that while putting to the My mini Golf obstacles, everyone has fun and also increases their putting skills without knowing it!

​From ages five to eighty five, there are so many reasons to play My mini Golf! These fun golf games bring together the entire family, class or club for an entertaining and unique learning activity. Improve your putting game with this interactive training aid and putt putt games have fun at the same! Starting Time putting game is enjoyed by golfers of all levels, from young kids to seniors

Scroll down to see the different types of people who play with My mini Golf:

  • Golf Instructors and Junior Golf
  • Schools, Boys and Girls Clubs, YMCAs, Camps
  • Family Activities  
  • Senior Social Activities
  • Workplace De-stress

- Enjoyed by golfers and mini-golfers of all levels, from young kids to seniors

​- Fully portable and durable, can be constructed to create a different course every time

- Constructed of ABS plastic and imported from Germany, this putting trainer has earned numerous awards

- Fun golf games can be played indoors or outdoors on a variety of surfaces: grass, carpet, hardwood floors—making it a year-round activity

Golf Instructors and Junior Golf:

More and more junior golf instructors are integrating My mini Golf putt putt game as a fun factor to the process of learning and practicing putting. The results are more enthusiasm, better focus, attention span and analytic skills - happy kids! BONUS: Adults love it too! 

"My kids used to hate the putting lesson section before we started using My mini Golf. Now, they want to putt every week instead of hitting golf balls." Lloyd McWilliams, PGA, Rockford Park District

Set up My mini Golf as a nine-hole course or let the kids create their own course. Or take a few obstacles on the putting green at a time.

Inclement weather? No problem - just have a putting class inside with My mini Golf! Improve your putting game with this interactive training aid and have fun at the same time!

My mini Golf's Club Set is perfect for the golf and junior golf environment - no need for the rubber putter and balls - your golfers already have them.

Schools, Boys & Girls Clubs, YMCAs, Churches, Camps

My mini Golf is great way to create a social environment kids of all athletic abilities. It's a perfect indoor or outdoor back-up fun golf games activities during inclement weather. Kids utilize creative ideas and engineering/physics concepts when putting together unique combinations. 

"We used the mini golf as an indoor activity on inclement weather days and the kids thoroughly enjoyed it!"  Scott Lantzman, Gesher Summer Camp

- Offers a fun alternative to traditional playground and contact sports
- Children learn hand-eye coordination and teamwork in an enjoyable learning activity
- Promotes creativity while putting together new courses
- Can be played indoors or outdoors on a variety of surfaces: grass, carpet, hardwood floors—making it a year-round activity
- Non-profit organizations utilize My mini Golf to offer children an alternative rewarding activity that EVERYONE of all levels can play
- Even children with special needs can enjoy My mini Golf safely and joyfully
- As a fundraiser, generates income for the cause

​With 13 obstacles to create endless combinations and ten kids rubber putters, the School Team Set is perfect for a group game. Already have putters? The Club Set does not have any.

Starting Time, home of My mini Golf U.S. © 2018

Family Activities at Home

My mini Golf portable putt putt games are engaging activities for family bonding, or kids can play on their own. Include the grandparents and/or extended family in Starting Time's putting game, and you'll REALLY have fun!

"It's so much fun challenging grandkids during a game of mini-golf in our home!"  Gigi B, Laguna Beach.

A great game enjoyed indoors or outdoors by the ENTIRE FAMILY—boys, girls, parents, grandparents
- Can be very competitive or just fun!
- Teach your kids how to putt and the important short game of golf
- Portable and durable - store in closet or garage when not in use.
- Can be played on a variety of surfaces: grass, carpet, hardwood floors
- Families work together to create new courses every time - or kids can challenge the parents!

​The Junior Set, half sets, and Pro set each have one kid's rubber putter. The Team Set has ten putters. Additional kid's puttersand adult brass putters can be purchased on this site, too.

Senior Social Activities

Golfers and non-golfers have fun playing side by side in senior settings. Everyone can putt! In a senior community, create special events including My mini Golf, OR the set can be checked out when family visits.
Seniors can invite their friends to their home for a putting party

"You're never too old to play My mini Golf, even from a wheelchair! ...An activity that gets a lot of people involved. Let your inner child out!"  Activity Director of a Senior community, TX

- A new popular social activity in senior communities
- Can be played indoors or outdoors on a variety of surfaces: grass, carpet, hardwood floors—making it a year-round activity
- Golfers and non-golfers can share the fun
- All can play - wheelchair accessibleHand-eye coordination activityPortable
​- Stores in carry bag

​With 13 obstacles to create multiple combinations and one rubber putter, the Pro Set is perfect. Then just add the number of additional kids rubber putters and adult brass putters that you need.

Workplace De-Stress

Sure to release stress for better productivity and create a little fun in your break room! Quality time for fun and socializing with co-workers.

"It's a nice stress relief. While we're at work and super busy, taking some time off gives us some fun interaction and build some team spirit."  Koa Truman, IT Manager

- Social, relaxing activity break for employeesGet to know fellow workers in a comfortable atmosphere
- Loosen up meetings with a putting challenge first
- Team building activity
- Portable - keep it in place in the break room or store in the nylon carry bag until ready for use.
- Use in corporate events or meetings

​The Club Set (no putters) with the addition of adult brass putters would work perfectly in the work place environment!

The Rental Market

My mini Golf is a portable, durable asset to your collection of games for all ages. It can be rented on its own or in conjunction with other rentals. It can be used in a multitude of ways, including as a thank you add on for the large party rental orders!

"When looking for a portable, lightweight and fun obstacle set for our mini golf business, My Mini Golf was by far the best option in the market. Because of the durability and easy maintenance, it was well worth the investment."  Ty Savant, Owner ParTee Rentals, LLC.

- Return on investment after only four rentals
- Perfect party theme for all ages (kids through seniors) and abilities
- Birthdays, proms, engagement parties, carnivals, corporate events, senior activities, fund-raisers, etc.
- Play it indoors or outdoors on a variety of surfaces: grass, carpet, hardwood floors—making it a year-round activity
- 12' x 12' rubber-backed carpet and borders available for indoor or​ outdoor play and containment.
​- Accessories available - numbered cones, pond and sandtrap

If you already have putters, the Club set has no rubber putters. The Team Set has 10 rubber putters. Adult brass putters are available for adults. For easy transport, the red nylon carry bag is a must add-on for your party rental.