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Thank you for considering My mini Golf for your business!

Why invest in games like My mini Golf for the work environment? 

  • Sure to release stress for better productivity and create a little fun in your break room! 
  • Social, relaxing activity break for employees
  • Get to know fellow workers in a comfortable atmosphere 
  • Loosen up meetings with a putting challenge first
  • Use in corporate events or meetings ​
  • Fun Team building activity.  Click here for 25 games ideas and tips!
  • Community Service or Fundraising activity  Click here for more information

Why My mini Golf? 

  • It's Portable - keep it in place in the break room or store in the nylon carry bag until ready for use. - 
  • Create a different course or putt to just a few pieces at a time.
  • Play it indoors or outside
  • Everyone loves to play mini-golf!  

The Club Set (no putters) with the addition of adult brass putters works perfectly in the work place environment!

My mini Golf is a great stress relief.  It's terrific to get away from the desk and refocus, to bring the energy level down a bit, refocus and get back to work.Type your paragraph here.  Jeff Ryan, Graphic Artist

It's good that we build some strengths and bonds together.  We get to see different people in the company in different environments without the the corporate parties that you see them at.  Koa Truman, IT Manager

It's a really fun way to meet my co-workers who I don't see very often and get to know them.  It's a nice way to have fun in the work place and relax and relieve stress.  Dylan, Intern