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Thank you for considering My mini Golf for your camp or school!

It’s mainly used on rainy days and it looks great. We set it up and let the kids use it. It was definitely a good purchase and we are happy to have it.  Matt Stoltz, Island Lake Camp

I work with homeless kids from shelters and domestic violence, some of which never held a club in their hands or envisioned themselves doing things like this. . . They have so much fun!  Bev McEntarfe, Director, Homeward Bound

We ordered from you this past December for a camp we were doing for Hurricane Sandy, and LOVE the mini golf, we can't wait to play it again this summer.  And the KIDS LOVE IT! It is great for those that need "a break" from the busy day. And it is so fun on Carnival day, when we offer prizes!  Caroline Baumis, Camp TLC

The kids love it.  They'll stand in line to play.  Yesterday, a couple of kids came into my office to thank me for the golf game.  Big John Mattheissen, Boys & Girls Club, Pasadena

"We used the mini golf as an indoor activity on inclement weather days and the kids thoroughly enjoyed it!"  Scott Lantzman, Gesher Summer Camp

My mini Golf is a portable putting game that creates a social environment kids of all athletic abilities. It's a perfect indoor or outdoor back-up fun golf game activity during inclement weather. Kids utilize creative ideas and engineering/physics concepts when putting together unique combinations. 

- Offers a fun alternative to traditional playground and contact sports.  Click here for 25 great games & ideas!

- Children learn hand-eye coordination and teamwork in an enjoyable learning activity 

- Promotes creativity while putting together new courses. 

- Can be played indoors or outdoors on a variety of surfaces: grass, carpet, hardwood floors—making it a year-round activity

- Non-profit organizations utilize My mini Golf to offer children an alternative rewarding activity that EVERYONE of all levels can play

- Even children with special needs can enjoy My mini Golf safely and joyfully  Click here to see a video with special needs players!

- As a fundraiser, generates income for the cause ​  Click here for more information.

With 13 obstacles to create endless combinations and ten kids rubber putters, the School Team Set is perfect for a group game. Already have putters? Then consider the Club Set which does not have any kid's putters.