The top and bottom photos show this course which was set up in about 20 minutes at a local community golf course putting green.  It was so much fun that we're hosting a mini golf party again this year!   A course like this can be set up on just about any surface - short grass or carpet, asphalt (use chalk, too!), even hardwood surfaces.  Slower rolling balls are available;  just ask for more info.

The middle image was set up by Nicole Weller, award winning PGA and LPGA golf pro who specializes in young golf instruction.  It takes more time to apply the string with golf tees, but the look is nice!

The rope was purchased from Home Depot; the decorations from Michaels, Big Lots and miscellaneous dollar stores.  Total cost;  under $80.

Also below you'll see images of a non-structured Halloween putting party in a backyard as well as a birthday party.

                           to see simple Harvest Festival ideas!

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