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MyMini Golf Front Nine Set - Miniature Golf
    MyMini Golf Front Nine Set - Miniature Golf
    Purchase MyMini Golf Front Nine Set - Miniature Golf
    • MyMini Golf Front Nine Set - Miniature Golf

    • $249.95

      Shipping Weight: 10.00 pounds

    • SKU: MMG-FNS


    The Front Nine Set contains six obstacles to create a five hole course, half of the obstacles in the 12-obstacle, nine-hole sets (Club Set, Professional Set, Team Set). The obstacles in the Front Nine half set include:

    • Acapulco (1)
    • Bridge (1)
    • Maze (1)
    • Warm-Up (2)
    • Wave (1)
    • Putting Disk (1), Golf Ball (1), Kid's Putter (1), Mesh Storage Bag-M (1), Score Card (1 pad).

    And it's portable - it all fits in the mesh bag, or the red nylon bag. (You can learn more about the red bag in Accessories.) You can add additional putters, colorful numbered cones, portable putting surface with borders, and other accessories.

    Like the other sets, the Front Nine Set is really fun for kids of all ages as an indoor or outdoor camp activity, putting game in golf clinics, and non-contact school activities as well as social Senior games and Corporate stress-relief activities and fundraising events. It's a great rental putt putt golf game, too.

    • Portable and adaptable to any competitive level
    • Create a different putting course every time
    • Can be played indoors or outdoors on carpet, short grass, flooring or asphalt
    • Can be enjoyed by children of all ages and athletic abilities, including those with special needs
    • Can be played on its own or with other games (relays, obstacle courses, etc.)
    • It's a group or an individual activity GREAT FOR RAINY DAYS!

    So many options! And, it's lots of fun!

    When you purchase your set from Starting Time, you will also receive a My mini Golf Tips and Games sheet with 22 games to play, as well as customer service with people who know the game.

    We know you'll have so muc