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TGA Approved, Kid Happy!

Starting your PreKindergarten golf program this fall?  TGA has approved My mini Golf for the putting component of your program.

Working with older kids?   They LOVE My mini Golf, too!  It will create a longer attention span and interest as it introduces slope and speed control as the kids play while putting.  


  • Portable
  • Can be played indoors or outside
  • Kids work on slope and speed control
  • Social interaction 
  • Easy to combine with other tools
  • Did we say durable?


                     to view your TGA Catalog for selections and pricing.   Offer valid through December 2016.

For the PreK program, TGA suggests the following obstacles:

                   Click here to see these obstacles in a flyer format.

  • ​Volcano
  • Warm-up
  • Wave
  • Maze
  • Putting Disks

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*​If ordering online, in the comments section let us know that you are a TGA instructor.  Your totals will be adjusted before your credit card is charged.

TGA Approved!